Privacy Policy

At Printer Pro, we value your privacy. We take your opt-in to our contact list as a matter of trust. Because of this we do not:

  1. Sell or buy email lists.
  2. Participate with those who do.
  3. Share any part of your personal information with any other person or organization.
  4. Leave unsecured data available to searches (passive sharing).

We consider you our client, partner and friend. That means that our relationship matters. Relationships are built on integrity. As a result of this we will:

  1. Refuse to spam you or treat you as a “target.”
  2. Filter all information we send your way to ensure that it is valuable and useful to you.
  3. Treat all our communication as a conversation, designed to help us do better business together.
  4. Always give you the option to discontinue our communication.

This commitment to privacy is based on a simple rule of integrity. You matter. And we treat you that way. Thank you for your interest in beginning a conversation with us, and we hope that useful information can flow between us as we do business together.